On July 28, 2005 at the annual (OS1) Users Awards Ceremony, several world-class cleaning operations were presented with their (OS1) Certified Green Cleaning Program plaques. The (OS1) Users Awards ceremony is held in conjunction with the annual (OS1) Users Group Symposium where roughly 100 user groups representing over forty different world class cleaning operations meet to benchmark data with one another.

(OS1) is a process-based approach to cleaning management. It is based on in-depth management/worker training, standardized tools and procedures, standardized training materials and a balanced workload for cleaning workers. If followed properly, the process has proven to reduce cost, waste, increase overall building cleanliness, improve cleaning worker safety and reduce the environmental impact of many cleaning operations.

The (OS1) Certified Green Cleaning program recognizes organizations dedicated to cleaning for health and reducing environmental harm. The determination of certified organizations is based on a rigorous 3rd party audit conducted by ManageMen, Inc. of Salt Lake City, Utah. The audit contains over 225 factors that have been benchmarked as best practices in cleaning organizations. The certification criteria documents that a cleaning organization is using transparent practices that cause facilities to be clean, with a minimal impact on the environment.

Arthur Weissman, president of Green Seal and , president of ManageMen presented the certifications. "(OS1) Users realize that results flow from their process," Walker said while presenting the certifications." The (OS1) Progress Audit documents the top organizations in the cleaning industry who have demonstrated leadership in operating a safe, green, environmentally responsible approach to cleaning."

The operations that received the (OS1) Green Certified Cleaning Program for 2005 are:

The Boeing Company – Anaheim, CA

Sandia National Laboratories, a division of Lockheed Martin – Albuquerque, NM

GMI Building Services, San Diego, CA

State of Washington Capitol Facilities Division – Olympia, WA

The Boeing Company – St. Louis, MO

USSI – Washington, DC