According to reports in The Bulletin, green cleaning products have replaced traditional products used by most cleaning contractors. Occupants of most of the buildings haven't noticed the difference, but appreciate the push towards more healthy environments. Although building occupants are pleased with the push toward environmental consciousness, they often question whether or not the office is actually clean, because they no longer smell the strong bleach, pine or citrus scents used in non-green products.

Following the introduction of green cleaning products, one contractor also saw an increase in dollars spent on the cleaning products. Bruce Padgett, co-owner of Affordable Quality Maintenance says that since he switched to all-green products one year ago, he pays about 15 percent more for them.

According to the article, the products may cost more, but he's willing to absorb the price increases. He said he might eventually have to raise prices. He believes customers will remain loyal, seeing green products as important to the health of the environment, customers and employees.

"Over the long term, I think it's better to use something that won't wind up getting you sick," Padgett said. "It starts with me and our employees and the benefit goes on to our clients."

Some of Padgett's customers comment on the push toward green:

"Anything you can do to eliminate toxic cleaning products is a very good thing," said Ann Kompir, operations manager for the Central Oregon Veterinary Group. "We certainly stand to benefit from the amount of safety for our staff personnel."

"It's definitely nice that we have an option to use environmentally friendly products and we're very supportive of it," said Kathy Colton, sales coordinator for Unicel, adding she would be willing to pay more for the services, if Padgett raises prices. "Personally, I am concerned about the products that get into our water table, it's something we should all be concerned about."

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