Novozymes Biologicals Inc. and Terra Choice, the steward of Environment Canada’s Environmental Choice Program, announced the EcoLogo certification of ten new microbial cleaning and odor control products for the Canadian market.

Novozymes Biologicals offers their customers the EcoLogo certification under a special secondary license program developed with Terra Choice. This means that Canadian customers of Novozymes Biologicals are able to benefit by marketing their branded products as EcoLogo certified. Through this special secondary license program, Novozymes is making EcoLogo certification available to customers in Canada with minimal paperwork and nominal costs. Novozymes’ currently has ten products EcoLogo certified including products for - odor control, degreasers for kitchen floors, and petroleum stains, bathroom cleaning, carpet cleaning and drain/ grease trap maintenance. Terra Choice is the only independent third party "green" program in North America with the technical expertise to review and certify microbial cleaning and odor control products.

According to Lois Davis, marketing manager for Novozymes Biologicals, “Our green chemical formulations provide efficacy boosted by the addition of enzyme-producing promicrobials. These green formulations offer high performance for the end user yet are safer for workers and the environment than many products that rely on chemicals alone. A perfect example of this is the recent launch of a neutral concrete cleaner that contains no solvents but works as well or better than caustic, solvent cleaners.”

Laboratory testing often indicates that biological solutions are capable of maintaining cleanliness longer and retarding the development of unwanted microorganisms. “I believe biological technology will play a key role in the future of cleaning, a future where we eliminate the toxic effects of harsh chemicals by harnessing nature to ensure a cleaner yet more healthy environment.” says Davis.