Parents and teachers at Beverly Hills Schools are at their wits end only a couple months after school administrators cut back cleaning times to every other day. According to a Times-Herald, American Canyon, Cal., article, teachers have logged more than 200 complaints over dirty classrooms in a three-month timeframe.

Parents are also worried that the cleanliness is beginning to impact their children‚s learning. When visiting the school, parents found piles of garbage in classrooms and hallways. One young girl has fallen twice into puddles of filthy water left in the girls restroom. Parents were so desperate to do something, they raised $1,200 to purchase a new floor scrubber.

School officials comment that there are sufficient numbers of workers to handle the cleanliness of the facility on a regular basis. Reports also indicate that the cutbacks have saved the district at least $50,000 and if additional staff is brought on to address these concerns, there will need to be cuts elsewhere.

Custodial supporters comment that if parents and teachers want additional staff brought in to address their concerns, they will need to help. Simply straightening up after projects during the day will help make work quicker and easier for nighttime custodians.

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