Network Services Company reports that its European alliance partner INPACS has expanded it’s presence into Scandinavia. INPACS now services customers in more than 20 European countries, distributing janitorial supplies and equipment and disposable paper and plastic products.

Julius Maske AS/S-Gruppen ASA in Norway and Nyblomgruppen AB in Sweden joined INPACS on January 1, 2006. Pamark Oy, a distributor based in Finland, joined IGEFA—which is a member of the INPACS group—as an associate member on January 1, 2006. Together, these three Scandinavian companies have 12 locations and 60,000 customers, and are the leading suppliers in a number of product categories in their national markets.

Network, which is composed of more than 70 independent distributors in North America, broadened its international capabilities in 2005 through relationships with overseas distributors. In addition to INPACS, Network formed a strategic alliance with Igepa, a Germany-based organization of distributors serving more than 20 European countries with printing paper and related supplies.

“We formed alliances with INPACS and Igepa fully expecting them to grow and prosper,” says R. James Alexy, president and CEO of Network. “We are leveraging our combined strengths to serve multi-national corporations in an increasingly global economy.”