Network Services Company believes its growth in 2006 will significantly exceed the 2-to-4 percent growth projections for the industries it serves.

“Our national account business has a history of substantial growth—over 20 percent per year since 1993—and we also expect it to increase significantly in 2006,” says R. James Alexy, president and CEO of Network. “Moreover, we are also in a strong position for our consolidated revenues to continue the growth that we experienced in 2004 and 2005.”

Network is an $8.2 billion member-owned organization of more than 70 independent distributors. In addition to its supply systems business (janitorial supplies, foodservice disposables and industrial packaging), Network is a national distributor organization selling printing paper and imaging products. Its consolidated revenues include all of its members’ sales. In 2005, it formed strategic alliances with two organizations in Europe with businesses similar to Network’s, which raises global consolidated revenue to $12 billion.

“Our members are among the largest and best-managed independent distributors in the business,” states Alexy. “They benefit from Network’s sales and marketing programs and contribute to Network’s growth by expanding business with existing customers and attracting new ones.”

Network purchases quality products from over 2,500 suppliers. However, Network has created preferred supplier relationships with approximately 110 of these suppliers, who represent the leading brand-name manufacturers in the industry.