Bedbugs have emerged as a serious concern for building managers in terms of treatment cost, liability, and prevention. BedBug Central is hosting the second annual North American Bed Bug Summit in Chicago, IL to provide commercial properties with comprehensive information on the most pressing factors related to bedbug management.

BedBug Central serves as an authoritative resource and website available to the public for information concerning bedbugs and bedbug related issues concerning prevention, treatment methods, training and educational resources.

Officially titled, “BedBug University: North American Summit 201l” the three-day summit will take place Sept. 25-27 at the newly renovated Hyatt Regency O’Hare in Chicago, IL where attendees will hear the latest actionable strategies and research for bedbug control, legal protection, protecting your brand from bad press, treatment cost containment, and much more with a level of depth never before provided in a single summit.

Newly added to this year’s summit, attendees will also learn the larger legislative and social issues that are affecting building managers as bedbugs continue to become more prevalent in public spaces.

The summit will also provide attendees with a comprehensive look at the best bedbug management options from around the globe. For more program information about the summit, visit

According to Phil Cooper, President and CEO of BedBug Central, this year’s summit is not only focused on recruiting 18 of the leading entomologists and bedbug experts in the nation and internationally, but also to create opportunities for attendees to interact with experts on a one-on-one or small group basis.

“The mission of our summit has always been to bring together the leading experts and manufacturers in the bedbug industry and deliver unrivaled information to our attendees,” said Cooper. “This year we wanted to take this premise even further and provide attendees with unprecedented access to experts to ensure they receive meaningful and unique answers.”

To achieved greater interaction between experts and attendees, the BedBug Central team has expanded the Q&A sections of all 16 of the specialized three-hour sessions; created a “Night Out with the Experts” event; and developed unique industry/sector breakout sessions in which attendees will be able to speak with experts as small groups in a round table format.

To further increase interaction, BedBug Central has brought back EXPOCentral which will feature over 70 bedbug product manufactures and its premier, free Beer Tasting Reception in which attendees will be able to mingle with speakers, industry experts, manufacturers and other attendees while sampling a variety micro-brews.  

With last year’s summit sold out five weeks in advance, this event is expected to reach capacity quickly. Regular registration is $795.99. For more information about the BedBug University: North American Summit 2011, to request additional information or to register, visit