A total of 64 top performing National Independent Sanitary Supply Companies (NISSCO) distributors and suppliers were recently awarded a five-day Jamaican get-away at the RIU Resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica in recognition of their top performance in the company's T.R.I.P 2009 program.

NISSCO's T.R.I.P  (Travel Rewards Incentive Program) is supported by 48 supplier sponsors and is open to all NISSCO distributors. "This program, like all NISSCO programs, is about growth and driving new sales for our manufacturers and more profitability for our distributors," says Mark Bozich, executive vice president of NISSCO.

"We keep hearing about the 'recession' but these companies apparently decided not to participate in any recession in 2009.  We are also finding that through these first few months of 2010 the growth trend continues beyond the pace we set last year."
NISSCO's most recent fiscal quarter represented a 25-year record high sales amount, posting a 19 percent increase over the company's previous historical record.   Bozich anticipates the T.R.I.P 2010 program will prove to be even more successful in growing sales for NISSCO distributor members and preferred supplier partners.