Milliken Floor Covering was honored as a finalist for the Metafore Innovation Award for its TractionBack™ bio-based, high-friction coating that eliminates the use of modular carpet adhesive and improves indoor air quality. Metafore, a Portland-based nonprofit, created the Innovation Awards to encourage action-oriented global leaders in business, environment and society to align business practices in ways that achieve environmental, social and financial results. 

“Milliken is a change agent and their innovations serve as guideposts for others,” said Metafore President and CEO David Ford. In presenting the award, Metafore recognized TractionBack for reducing waste and use of raw materials as well as addressing indoor air quality, one of the top environmental health risks related to flooring. TractionBack is applied to modular carpet backing during manufacturing and secures tiles in place without wet adhesives, floor sealers or primers. The green chemistry improves indoor air quality by eliminating VOC offgassing. Traditional carpet tile installation requires spreading a thick layer of blended acrylic latex onto the sub-flooring, which may off-gas VOCs for up to several years.

“Milliken pioneered this green chemistry because it was the right step for the Earth, and it challenged Milliken to develop more sustainable innovations,” said Bill Gregory, director of Sustainable Strategies for Milliken Floor Covering. “Milliken continually researches materials and processes to minimize our impact on the earth. With bio-based TractionBack, we meet our rigorous requirements for quality performance and enhance our sustainable offerings for commercial and residential installations.”