Six hotels throughout Michigan have recently received "green lodging" certifications, a new state designation that indicates they are eco-friendly, according to a Detroit Free Press report. Green Lodging Michigan was launched this month and is run by the Michigan Energy Office and Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. It is a voluntary program that establishes environmental guidelines for the hospitality industry to conserve natural resources and prevent pollution.

According to the states Web site, benefits of the program include:
• Cost Savings - energy efficiency
• Increase Competitiveness - earn customer loyalty and enhance the marketability of the facility
• Improved Building Quality - easier to maintain, increased comfort for occupants, better indoor air quality
• Protect the Environment - reduce hazardous cleaning materials, water consumption and waste disposal
• Earn Recognition - Green Lodging facilities are recognized through awards, events, articles, etc.

To read additional details from the states Web site, click here. For the report published in the Detroit Free Press, click here.