Often times, low performers affect every aspect of your business. They will drive away high performers, require more time from management in regards to training and can even bring down the attitude and sales culture of the overall business. There are practical steps that managers can take when it comes to dealing with low performers. According to Industrial Distribution, some of those steps include:

Making sure you have a strong sales force at all times. This will result in the option to let a low performer go.

Prepare for the worst. It is important to understand that turnover is not necessarily a bad thing.

Meet with low performers and ask basic or open-ended questions. Ask them why they think their numbers are down or their performance is low.

If you determine that poor performance is due to a lack of skill, set up practice situations between the salesperson and some of your top performers or one-on-one training sessions.

And finally, use hard numbers and set specific goals for all the salespeople. It is important to have a concrete goal to work towards.

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