The U.S. Small Business Administration’s Seattle District Office has named Janelle Bruland, President and CEO of Management Services Northwest, Inc. as Washington State Small Business Person of the Year. 

Bruland chooses a positive attitude always, and follows Dan Sullivan’s Scary Times Success Manual guidance that says, "When times get tough, everyone has to make a fundamental decision: to complain or to be grateful. Gratitude creates the opportunity for the best thinking, actions, and results to emerge. Focus on everything you are grateful for, communicate this, and open yourself each day to the best possible consequences."  As a result of this approach, she has much to celebrate in 2010.  Her company, Management Services Northwest (MSNW), reaches the milestone of 15 years of growth and success, along with being named as U.S. SBA Washington State Small Business Person of the Year.
Between 2003 and 2008, MSNW grew by an average of 42 percent per year, with revenue increases from $863,000 in 2003 to just under $5,000,000 in 2008.  It has developed into a regional facility management company of 180 employees who serve over 200 facilities in Washington and Oregon – attending to over three million square feet of commercial, retail, industrial, medical and government property space.  To position itself for future growth throughout the northwest region, in 2009 Bruland used an SBA 504 loan from Ameritrust CDC and Wells Fargo Bank to purchase a commercial building and property, expanding from a leased space of 3400 square feet to a building space of 7200 square feet on 2 acres.
“Even successful business owners face adversity. Consolidation in the facility management industry has enabled larger companies to buy up or push out smaller companies, challenging Bruland to make tough choices as her company faced aggressive competitors,” said Calvin Goings Regional Administrator.  The advice that Bruland gives, “Never give up. When you fall down or are kicked down, you must always get back up, put one foot in front of the other, and keep going. When you believe in yourself and give your very best in every situation, you cannot fail. You can only learn and grow.”
In 2005, MSNW competed against a much larger company for a facility management contract.  Despite confidence that her much smaller company was the best choice for the client whom it had already served for 8 years, the contract was awarded to the competitor. Then the client asked if her company would work for the new vendor, continuing services on a small scale. Bruland chose to take the high road and assist the competitor.  A year later, that client thanked her for the loyalty and highly professional and quality-oriented manner of continued services despite not being awarded the contract initially. That client then chose MSNW to be the facility management company for all of their locations in Washington.

Bruland firmly believes in giving back, to bless others when we have been blessed, both financially and through volunteering time. She supports charitable causes through MSNW by giving the first 10 percent of any new contract award as well as a percentage of profits.  She personally spends her own time and resources to benefit others by teaching and mentoring in her community. Bruland serves on the board of Building Services Contractor's Association International (BSCAI), the largest international facilities services trade organization, is Chair of the Editorial Committee for Services Magazine, and is author and speaker on various business industry topics. She is also an active member of Vistage International, the world’s foremost chief executive leadership organization.

An independent panel of judges selected the winner based on several criteria, including staying power, business growth, increase in employees, response to adversity, innovation, leadership and contributions to the small business community, and evidence of community-oriented projects.  As the state winner, Bruland will be traveling to Washington DC in May to compete with 53 other winners from across the country for the National Small Business Person of the Year Award.   For their outstanding reputation as employers, their responsiveness to adversity, work product and generosity to the community, Janelle Bruland is enthusiastically selected as Washington State SBA Small Business Person(s) of the Year. 

“Our winners remind us that the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in Washington State, and we look forward to honoring their success” said SBA Seattle District Director, Nancy Porzio.