One week ago, chemical manufacturer MISCO Products Corporation experienced a fire in their production facility. No employees were reported as injured and only a limited area of the facility was affected. Since that time, recovery efforts have been in full swing to get production back on track.

According to reports, the fire was contained to a warehouse that housed plastic bottles, corrugated cartons and small quantities of raw materials. With a disaster recovery plan already in place, MISCO was prepared to have power and communications up and running by Monday afternoon, with production starting up by today.

MISCO announced on their Web site that the unaffected part of the facility will temporarily house the operations part of the business, while filling lines begin operating at partial capacity. There is hope that by the end of the month, order turnaround times will be closer to normal.

To read about the progress MISCO is making, as well as view photos of the aftermath, visit their Web site at