Janitorial contractors work on a number of tasks that most people would rather not tackle, but possibly the most dangerous is window washing. According to a Miami Herald report, Marietta Amador loves dangling outside high-rise buildings for several hours with little to keep her company. The 28-year-old says that every minute is an adrenaline rush and she loves coming to work every day, regardless of the concerns of her family and friends.

With little to keep her company, Amador takes her chances every day with only a 1,200-food-long rope, full-body harness, five-gallon bucket, squeegee, chair, cell phone (to communicate with co-workers in other parts of the building) and a water bottle (to prevent dehydration).

'This is not just one of those jobs you do because you have to work,'' Amador says. "You have to love it, because if you don't do things right, it's your life.''

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