There are a million reasons why an employee will choose to leave their job and sometimes it has nothing to do with the job. According to, the key to maintaining employees is not focusing on why the leave, but figuring how what makes they want to stay.

Employers can focus on building a social network that makes people feel like they are part of a community. There should also be processes in place that allow for an outlet for employees to express themselves.

Offering a community feel to the job will create a sense of comfort. Employees will be tied to their co-workers and will push each other to complete tasks. They might not take all their vacation time because they feel it will be too disruptive on the department and those co-workers. If someone is comfortable in their job, happy with the income and enjoy the people they work with, they will be less likely to leave.

For those managers who are forced to deal with high turnover rates, don't get down. According to the article, bringing in new blood can actually benefit a department. Sometimes, it is just what a department needs to get back on track.

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