recently released an article that focuses on the top 13 strategies every hotel director of housekeeping should be aware of. This is an abriviated list of those strategies.

1. Learn to look at your hotel from an operational perspective as if you owned it. The most successful housekeepers are those who take ownership of their property.

2. Honor the idea that the hotel guest is your guest, as if in your own home. It is often the sense of pride and hosting tha tmakes a huge difference in whether someone has a job or a career.

3. Konw about the condition of the property from first-hand experience. Personally and regularly inspect every type of accommodation in your hotel.

4. When recruiting people, pay attention to the "human" resource role: balance "high touch" and "high tech". Recruit and select people wisely.

5. Maintain and increase training. The development of the staff to the point where room keepers can be completely trusted to finish their jobs with "pizzazz" because they take pride/ownership in their rooms should be a goal for everyone.

6. Share the professional expectations privided to you from ownership and or management clearly with all members of the staff. Profits and losses go in cycles, and it is important to share the realitites of the cost of doing business at all levels.

7. Hold regular one-on-one sessions with all direct reprts in this department, including the laundry. These should not be formal reviews, but guide posts to reinforce ositive actions or to correct a potentially dangerous course of action.

8. Constantly assess time management. Research why things go smoothly and replicate that success.

9. Work with the front office management to capitalize on forecasts for long-term efficiencies. Doing so will help managers plan for deep cleaning in slower periods or to replace capital items on a schedule that does not interfere with periods of high activity.

10. Master the art of inventory controls.

11. Study, embrace and insist on proper safety and security. There should be training given and follow-up checklists provided for linen rooms, housekeeping cards, using equipment and the laundry. This includes safety on chemicals and equipment.

12. Embrace the Brand Standards and Suppliers. Managers should learn what the brand's requirements and expectations on housekeeping services and programs.

13. Know our budgets, costs and results. The outstanding housekeeping managers are those who are able to often obtain higher compensation for their staff by effectively reducing turnover and managing their total budgets while exceeding guest expectations.

To read details on each of these steps, click here for the full article.