Robert Robinson Sr., president and founder of Kaivac, Inc. and developer of the No-Touch CleaningT system, is one of 40 business "trailblazers" showcased in a new book by author and career journalist John Eckberg.

The 300-page book, The Success Effect, features candid interviews with some of America's top entrepreneurs, leaders, innovators, and business successes. Among those interviewed include:

• Real-estate investor Donald Trump
• Billionaire real-estate/stock-market investor Sam Zell
• Internationally known author and lecturer Deepak Chopra
• Marvin Lewis, former NFL quarterback, coach of the Cincinnati Bengals, and now president of the Marvin Lewis Community Fund
• Lenscrafter's founder Dean Butler

"This book is all about people [who] have improved or made a difference in their industries or the lives of others," says Robinson. "Many of the interviews show how success and accomplishment were often an aftereffect of their goals and not the goal itself."

Why Robinson?
Eckberg selected Robinson not only because he developed the Kaivac No-Touch Cleaning system, but, more importantly, why he developed it.

Robinson, who has an engineering degree, headed a jansan distributorship in Hamilton, Ohio, and also started a local contract cleaning company. According to the book, he soon realized that restroom areas were the most "undignified" areas to clean in a facility. Additionally, these areas were often the "complaint centers" in most buildings.

"Experimenting with pressure washing equipment, wet/vacs, and squeegees, I used my engineering degree to look for a more dignified and thorough way to clean restrooms," says Robinson. "The system we developed did not require custodians to get down on their hands and knees to clean toilets, and the customer was happier with the service as well. That was 10 years ago and the rest is now history."

The Success Effect, published by Sterling & Ross Publishers, Inc., has received glowing reviews from The New York Times as well as other business authors. It is available at all major book dealers.