Premier provides technical cleaning, facility maintenance, preventive maintenance programs, and fleet management services to large manufacturing facilities.

“Premier has long been on the forefront of introducing ‘best practices‚ methodologies in industrial settings’’ and their success is obvious,” says Bob Robinson Jr., Kaivac’s vice president of sales. “They are retained by virtually every major auto manufacturer worldwide.”

The Kaivac no-touch system, originally designed to clean restrooms, is now used for a variety of cleaning tasks from floor care, grout and tile maintenance, to industrial process cleaning applications.

According to Robinson, Kaivac will provide equipment, training, and assistance to help Premier maintain more than 20 automotive plants in the U.S., including General Motors. This entails using the no-touch system- considered a “best practices” cleaning system at GM-for traditional cleaning tasks as well as cleaning and maintaining factory floors and conveyor components.

“Working with Premier, we found even more uses for the no-touch system,” says Robinson, who has been directly involved with the project for more than a year. “Its capabilities are now being used throughout the factory.”

Premier evaluated several “touchless” cleaning systems before selecting Kaivac as their partner, according to Tom Morgan, director of engineering for Premier. These systems combine indoor pressure washing, chemical injection, and rinsing to clean surfaces. Some machines also include wet/vacuum technologies to vacuum dry areas and remove contaminants.

“We found the Kaivac system the most thorough,” Morgan says. “They also bring more to the table than simply equipment. They are innovative, helping us integrate new cleaning methods into the total solution package‚ we like to provide our clients.”