Kevin Mullins has just been hired as the new Sales Director overseeing Distributor sales for Kaivac, Inc., Hamilton, OH, developers and manufacturers of the No-Touch Cleaning system.

Mullins is very familiar with the jansan industry as well as Kaivac's products. Previously he worked with Select Sales and Marketing, Hamilton, OH, the numbr one manufacturers' rep selling Kaivac product in the United States.

He was also the owner/operator of a restroom hygiene service that utilizes the No-Touch Cleaning system.

"My experience with No-Touch Cleaning in my own business made me a believer in the system," says Mullins. "A restroom cleaning service has to be as fast and as thorough as possible, which can best be accomplished with the Kaivac No-Touch Cleaning system."

Before beginning his career in the jansan industry, Mullins was a corrections officer and an associate director of a juvenile facility in Charlotte, NC.

"Because the Kaivac system is gaining popularity in institutional facilities, that experience should help me as well," he says. "[Having dealt] with hundreds of kids housed in a juvenile facility, I know firsthand how important cleanliness is to their health and the health of the facility."