Beginning with the introduction of its two newest models, the KaiVacR 1750 and the KaiVacR 1720, Kaivac will consolidate all of its No-Touch CleaningT systems under the KaiVac brand name.

According to marketing vice president, Tom Morrison, "This will enable us to leverage our branding efforts instead of diluting them across multiple product names. Hopefully, it will also help reduce the confusion that can occur when communicating multiple models."

Kaivac, Inc., developed the No-Touch Cleaning system nearly 10 years ago. Originally designed to help "professionalize" restroom cleaning, raise the dignity of cleaning workers, as well as provide a more thorough cleaning method, the system is now used for a variety of cleaning tasks, from cleaning walls, partitions, floors, and other building areas, to carpets, chairs, and tables.

Morrison adds that as part of the name standardization, the individual Kaivac models will be differentiated by a numeric suffix that signifies water capacity and pump pressure. "For example, the KaiVac 1750 has a 17-gallon freshwater tank and a 500 psi pump; the KaiVac 1720 also has a 17-gallon water tank but a 200 psi pump," he explains.

Along with name consolidation, all KaiVac No-Touch Cleaning systems will now have HEPA air-filtration systems to help protect indoor air quality.

"This helps make the Kaivac No-Touch Cleaning systems perfect for education, healthcare, food service, and any other types of facilities that are concerned about indoor air quality and airborne cross-contamination," says Morrison. "In addition, the HEPA filtration system also helps make these machines unusually quiet--in fact, some of the quietest in the industry."