Distributor salespeople need a dose of inspiration, motivation and education, according to Dave Kahle, President of The DaCo Corporation.

"Now, more than ever, distributors are increasingly concerned about the challenges being thrown at them," Kahle explained. "The marketplace is changing dramatically due to increasing competition, the rise of E-commerce, expansion of alternate channels and new pressures from suppliers. This means customers have less time to spend with salespeople. Distributor salespeople have more pressure on them today than at any time in the past."

Yet, fewer than five percent of distributor salespeople ever receive any education on how to do the sales portion of their jobs well.

To combat this, Dave Kahle is bringing the Top Gun Seminar for
Distributor Salespeople to 14 sites around the country.

The one-day schools will be held in:
* Countryside, IL on September 24th
* St. Louis, MO on September 26th
* Toledo, OH on September 29th
* Cincinnati, OH on October 3rd
* Denver, CO on October 10th
* Boston, MA on October 24th
* Newark, NJ on October 27th
* Philadelphia, PA on October 29th
* Seattle, WA on November 3rd
* Oakland, CA on November 5th
* Los Angeles, CA on November 7th
* Dallas, TX on November 12th
* Charlotte, NC on November 17th
* Tampa, FL on November 20th.

According to Dave Kahle, the content in the Top Gun seminars clearly reflects the aggressive nature of the changes involved in the industry, and the proactive skills needed to counter them successfully. "Salespeople will be trained in the best practices of their professions. They will learn exactly how to multiply their sales and add value to the customer. This seminar can make a dramatic difference in a salesperson's behavior and, as a result, the company‚s survival and prosperity," Kahle said.