KBM Facility Solutions, San Diego, celebrates its 30-year anniversary. Founded in 1981, KBM has been a pioneer in green cleaning, long before "sustainability" was recognized by corporate America.

CEO and founder, Maureen Gray, incorporated her personal commitment to environmental issues into the company's business model, employing best practices to ensure the health and safety of KBM's employees, clients and visitors to the facilities the company services, while reducing  KBM's impact on the environment. KBM's janitorial programs incorporate the safest, most environmentally-friendly chemicals available, and utilize highly efficient ergonomic equipment. Janitorial workers are trained as health care workers, cleaning for health, then appearance.  The result is a healthier environment in the facilities the companies services, with significantly improved indoor air quality.

Over the past thirty years, Gray has built a management team that she considers "the heart of the company." KBM's success is also a direct result of the company's commitment to people. With more than 400 front-line janitorial workers, KBM wholeheartedly believes in "treating janitors as first-class citizens."
This philosophy maintains high employee moral, and clients benefit from low employee turnover.