According to reports in the Los Angeles Chronicle, "the Housing Community and Economic Development Committee of the Los Angeles City Council voted to unanimously endorse a proposed resolution calling on Southern California's Entertainment Industry to work to improve conditions for the janitors who clean their facilities."

Some key points from the resolution include:

- No worker should have to choose between putting food on the table and taking a sick child to the doctor
- Several major companies employee non-union janitorial contractors, whose workers receive poverty wages and no affordable medical benefits. This undermines the standards that janitors and responsible corporations have worked so hard to maintain.
- Janitors at these studios are working to improve their lives and win the same standards that thousands of janitors in California have already won.

The resolutions concludes that the SEIU Justice for Janitors campaign and all companies in the entertainment industry join in contract negotiations to resolve their differences over janitors' efforts to improve their lives, secure a commitment to hiring only contractors who have agreed to the higher and responsible union standards, to be good corporate citizens and play a leadership role in raising standards for janitors and in doing so, maintain a positive image for the industry, the city, and the state.

According to reports, this resolution is scheduled for full vote on June 14th and is expected to pass.

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