JohnsonDiversey, Inc., Sturtevant, Wis., reported improvements across all environmental metrics in 2008 and provided details of its participation in the World Wildlife Fund Climate Savers initiative in its 2008 Global Responsibility Report.

The company‚s report provides a summary of its 2008 accomplishments toward creating a cleaner, healthier future for communities in the more-than 175 countries where it does business.

JohnsonDiversey built on its commitment to integrate sustainable practices into its operations and into the products and services it provides customers worldwide.

Significant milestones during the year include:
- Acceptance into the World Wildlife Fund‚s rigorous Climate Savers program;
- A partnership with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to formulate cleaners and detergents that protect aquatic life;
- Expansion of the company‚s Global Children‚s Initiative; and
- Environmental performance improvement against five key measures ˆ including a 31 percent per metric ton reduction in carbon oxygen demand (COD) and a 23 percent per metric ton reduction in energy usage.

"Sustainability is being embedded into all aspects of our business as we seek to focus every employee on creating a cleaner, healthier future in communities around the world," said JohnsonDiversey President and CEO Ed Lonergan. "This report highlights the progress we‚ve made and reinforces our commitment to sustainability in our operations and in our customers‚ facilities."

JohnsonDiversey's acceptance into the World Wildlife Fund‚s Climate Savers initiative resulted in a bold commitment to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 8 percent by 2013 in all of its operations around the world — an unprecedented promise in the cleaning and sanitation industry. Climate Savers membership requires JohnsonDiversey to comply with a third-party verification process for its environmental metrics and joins 20 other global companies in being public leaders in addressing climate change. As part of its commitment, JohnsonDiversey also agreed to partner with its customers and suppliers to help them reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Global Responsibility Report also details significant improvements in worldwide reductions in five environmental performance measures: effluent COD, waste disposed, total water usage, net water efficiency and total energy usage. JohnsonDiversey has shown significant progress against all five metrics since it began publishing the responsibility report in 2004. Additional highlights include reduction in water discharge at facilities in India, Japan and China, adoption of water-savings technologies in several manufacturing facilities, and installation of energy efficient lighting, heating, and steam and compressed-air systems.

JohnsonDiversey‚s Global Children's Initiative is also prominently featured in the report, documenting the company‚s emphasis over the past five years to support the volunteer efforts of employees as they work to improve the conditions of schools in impoverished communities located near JohnsonDiversey‚s operations.

The company expanded this program in 2008 to 35 schools worldwide, and included initiatives such as bike helmet donations to children in Vietnam, a "Facilities Day" when employees donate time to make improvements at schools and a "Clean Hands Day" when the company donates hand-soap dispensers and employees volunteer their time to educate children on good hand hygiene.

The scope of the report is global and covers all JohnsonDiversey business units in its three operating regions: The Americas; Europe, Middle East and Africa; and Asia-Pacific. The report tracks its content to the Global Reporting Initiative, a widely accepted standard of sustainability reporting.