JohnsonDiversey announced that ProSpeed has helped customers reduce water use by more than 71,400 gallons and reduce floor-finish waste by 8,200 gallons in the first 10 weeks since its introduction in North America in June.

The new system from JohnsonDiversey is revolutionizing the floor-finishing process for building service contractors and other cleaning professionals in retail, health care and education facilities.

"ProSpeed helps finish floors more thoroughly, cost effectively and withreduced environmental impact," said Larinda Becker, vice president of sector
and product marketing, JohnsonDiversey North America, "Traditional mop-and-bucket or backpack floor finishing systems waste water and floor-finish product. The ProSpeed system requires no water for cleanup and takes theguesswork out of how much floor finish to use."

JohnsonDiversey scientists calculated the waste reductions based on the sale of 31,276 gallons of floor finish to date. Traditional mop-and-bucket and backpack methods can leave up to one-third of finish in the mop head and bucket, and typically use three to four gallons of water for cleanup.

ProSpeed is a closed bag-in-a-box (BIB) system with an ergonomically designed application tool. ProSpeed delivers significant water savings because there is no need to clean mop heads, buckets, backpacks or feed lines. Traditional floor-finish systems can waste as much as one-third of the product because floor finish is left the head of the mop or in the bucket after application. Floor finishers using ProSpeed apply only as much finish as needed for any size job. They then store the tool with BIB and remaining finish as is until the next job.

Additionally, ProSpeed contributes to better indoor air quality. Its closed system reduces emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) found in floor finishes. As a result, customers have reported less odor in the floor-finishing process using ProSpeed.

ProSpeed is simple to use.  All that is needed is the tool and a case of floor finish. Each case of ProSpeed contains six 2.5-liter boxes of product, disposable finishing pads, quick connectors and enough high-quality floor finish to cover between 8,000 and10,000 square feet, depending on the floor finish product used.  Setup is easy and since ProSpeed's packaging is fully integrated into the tool, users donot need to lift or transfer chemicals from the original packaging to secondary buckets or cumbersome backpacks. Floor finishers simply insert the 2.5-literBIB directly into the holster on the applicator handle, and attach the quick-connect feed lines and disposable floor finishing pads to complete the setup.

In pre-launch trials with 150 customers, ProSpeed enhanced worker productivity by reducing the amount of time needed to finish a floor from setup by 85 percent and cleanup by 90 percent compared to mop-and-bucket and backpack methods.

"We designed ProSpeed with worker safety and ergonomics in mind," Becker said. "Users apply floor finish faster with less muscle and back strain. The low of finish from the BIB through the line to the pad also allows for more consistent application, which enhances quality, requires little training andsaves our customers time and money."

ProSpeed's ergonomic design allows workers to use a more natural postureand less effort to apply finish. An independent study has shown total body effort can be reduced by as much as 30 percent compared to conventional mop-and-bucket or other flat-mopping methods. In addition, the study showed workers used 35 percent less exertion in lower back and shoulder muscles compared to conventional mop-and-bucket or flat-mopping methods.