JohnsonDiversey Inc. announced that its Healthy High Performance Cleaning System – including two different brands of products and associated tools – is the first cleaning system to achieve GREENGUARD™ certifications. The products and tools were tested and certified based on both GREENGUARD low-emitting product certifications, including GREENGUARD for Children and Schools™. GREENGUARD is an industry-independent, third-party organization.

“GREENGUARD is complementary with environmentally preferable product certifications, such as Green Seal,” said Daniel A. Daggett, Ph.D., group leader, Global Product Safety, JohnsonDiversey. “That’s because it goes beyond products and actually looks at how the cleaning process affects indoor air quality. Just using Green Seal-certified products is not enough because the products can be misused and impact indoor air quality. We’re pleased to be able to offer the industry’s first GREENGUARD indoor air quality certified cleaning system.”

Because customers consider indoor air quality (IAQ) to be one of the most important environmental issues, JohnsonDiversey developed an IAQ cleaning system. GREENGUARD evaluated JohnsonDiversey’s system as a bundled strategy using the organization’s stringent Children and Schools certification criteria to measure its effect on IAQ.

“By opting for the stringent GREENGUARD for Children and Schools certification, JohnsonDiversey acknowledges that children are a more sensitive population when it comes to indoor air quality,” Daggett said. “Having a cleaning system that has been awarded indoor air quality certification for children and schools can benefit our in-house and BSC customers, who work in all types of facilities, not just schools. This means that these professionals can be confident that their cleaning systems use low-emitting products and produce better indoor environments for all building occupants.”

JohnsonDiversey is also a team-leader sponsor of the Healthy Schools Campaign’s Quick & Easy Guide to Green Cleaning in Schools. The Healthy Schools Campaign is a non-profit organization that advocates for policies and programs designed to help provide safer, healthier and cleaner school environments. JohnsonDiversey is helping to educate school administrators, teachers, facility managers and parents about the benefits of green cleaning.

The Healthy High Performance Cleaning System consists of three important elements: chemical products, tools and procedures to achieve lower impact on IAQ. JohnsonDiversey’s Green Seal-certified products include Johnson Wax Professional brands: Stride® Citrus neutral cleaner, Alpha HPTM/MC multi-surface cleaner, Crew® bathroom cleaner and scale remover and Glance®/MR NA glass, mirror and multi-surface cleaner; and Butcher’s brands: Raindance™ neutral cleaner, G-Force® H202 multi-surface cleaner, G-Force® washroom cleaner and LookTM/MC NA glass, mirror and multi-surface cleaner.

The cleaning system’s tools include the PACETM/MC microfiber floor-care system and MicroQuickTM/MC microfiber cloths. The Healthy High Performance Cleaning Guide provides users with the proper procedures. These products, procedures and tools, when used together following the methods outlined in JohnsonDiversey’s Healthy High Performance Cleaning Guide, make up the cleaning system that GREENGUARD certified.

The certification process includes a review of the product’s manufacturing processes, profile testing on each of the finished products individually, and rigorous air testing during use of the entire cleaning system. The unique approach of testing the IAQ during application of multiple products while following the Healthy High Performance Cleaning Guide produces data that is then compared to GREENGUARD Children and Schools criteria.

The average person spends more than 90 percent of their time indoors. Poor IAQ can cause asthma and other allergies, which can result in lost productivity costs estimated at more than $120 billion annually.

The mission of the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute, the organization that oversees the certification program, is to improve public health and quality of life through programs that improve indoor air.

To maintain this certification, JohnsonDiversey will have to submit their products for re-testing once a year. Finally, JohnsonDiversey will have to acknowledge any product or manufacturing changes made to their system and confirm the minimal impact on the environment.