According to recent Newswire reports, hundreds of community members, clergy and service workers will gather in Cincinnati's Fountain Square on Tuesday to kick off a new campaign calling on the region's Fortune 500 corporate giants — with revenues of more than $365 billion — to help rebuild the American Dream for thousands of workers in America's Heartland.

The campaign kicks off as janitors in Indianapolis, Columbus and Cincinnati prepare to negotiate a contract that will create a new standard- including fair wages, access to affordable health care and full-time jobs-for nearly 165,000 service workers in all three cities. The janitors will negotiate with cleaning contractors who provide janitorial services to the region's commercial offices, malls, banks, universities, airports, pharmaceutical labs, airports, museums, and municipal, county and state offices. Many of these janitors earn as little as $22 a day, and few earn more than $64 dollars a day.

Speakers at the rally will call on the area's global corporations, including Procter and Gamble, Eli Lilly and JP Morgan Chase, to revitalize the region's communities by creating jobs that allow workers to own a home, save for retirement and go to the doctor.

With more than 1.8 million members, SEIU is the nation's largest union and the largest union of property services employees-including more than 225,000 janitors. With the support of community, religious, and elected leaders, janitors in 29 cities throughout the United States have united in SEIU as part of the national movement called "Justice for Janitors."