Janitors at Midland, Mich., Public Schools comment that it is bad idea for school officials to consider outsourcing custodial services. As noted in OurMidland.com, janitors outline several reasons it is most beneficial to keep jobs in-house. Some say that outsourcing costs more because the companies have to make a profit, and many private companies provide poorer service. The final point is often difficult to measure, but still an essential party of the job. It's the human factor. Many of these custodians live in the community, have children and grandchildren going to these schools and have a vested interest in seeing the area flourish.

Teachers at the public school system also came out to support the janitors. One commented, "If their head goes on the chopping block, when does mine?" Many teachers see custodians as an extended part of their team, and would be sad to see them go.

As many schools throughout Michigan choose to outsource their custodial services, those at the Midland Public Schools refuse to go down without a fight.

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