According to the Tribune Chronicle, Warren, Ohio, the Trumbull Prosecutor's office found 178 occasions where the law was broken, between 1999 and 2002, involving the purchase of various maintenance and cleaning supplies. It has been determined that some of the goods and services may have never arrived or been performed, even though purchase orders indicate that they were ordered and paid for.

Although it was determined that not all county employees working in the department were to blame, their blatant disregard for purchasing rules made it easier for the former maintenance director to steal from the county.

According to reports, there are a total of 58 boxes of records containing the names of vendors, their companies, and unidicted public officials who supplied bank and campaign records for the purchasing scandal.

Prosecutors point out that through the criminal cases, about $310,000 of the estimated $400,000 stolen has been recovered through restitution arrangements with defendants and $1.3 million in savings has been realized since August 2002, when checks and balances were put back in place.

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