According to a survey from The Marlin Company and Occupational Health & Safety Magazine, nearly three out of four (74 percent) of U.S. manufacturers believe that their workplace is safer than it was a year ago.

The nationwide survey of 691 manufacturers, conducted in honor of National Safety Month (June), also found that 70 percent of U.S. manufacturers have experienced no increase to their Worker's Compensation premiums and 55 percent of those surveyed reported a decrease in the rate of workplace injuries over the last year.

Some believe that the increase in safety training and safety meetings, newsletters and safety posters have a lot to do with the fact that injury rates are down.

Still, manufacturers are plagued by employees' failure to wear personal protective equipment, the number one safety problem outlined in the report. Slips, trips and falls ranked number two, at 58 percent, and back injuries from lifting rounded out the top three at 47 percent.

Also found in the top ten safety problems reported by U.S. manufacturers included:
Failure to follow housekeeping procedures - 43 percent (number four)
Improper use of machinery - 35 percent (number five)
Eye injuries - 22 percent (number six)
Injuries related to hazardous materials - 8 percent (number 10)

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