According to reports in the Atlanta Business Chronicle, there are questions as to the green building concept and whether the system provides a true standard of environmental sensitivity.

According to the article, builders will receive the same amount of points towards LEED certification for installing bicycle racks outside a building as they would for installing a more expensive and complex water system that collects and reuses storm water for toilets and urinals. Experts feel that situations like this may allow developers to benefit from calling their building "green" a bit too easily.

Also under advisory is the cost and time associated with green building. Developers complain about the high costs of reviews and amount of paperwork, but critics feel that if done properly, developers will see significant savings within the first four years.

Although the rating system has received some criticism, critics feel that in the long run, LEED certification is beneficial to buildings. Tenants also are showing increasing interest as they look for healthier environments to spend their time. According to reports, people spend about 90 percent of their time indoors and are becoming more and more aware of what is coming out of the chemicals that are being used in the building.

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