According to reports from the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), most of the job growth in Indianapolis is in the service sector - a sector traditionally known to provide poverty wages, part-time work, and little access to health insurance. In response to this, the SEIU is working with the state of Indiana to find real solutions to transform poverty wage jobs into jobs that build strong communities.

The SEIU also outlines in its reports the impact janitors are expected to have in the future of Indianapolis. Because the cleaning industry is a predatory one, no one building owner or cleaning company can change the current system by itself. A cleaning company that tries to raise wages and benefits on its own will likely lose accounts to a cheaper alternative. A building owner who offers fair compensation to its janitors will be at a competitive disadvantage with its neighbors. In what becomes a race to the bottom of the pay and benefits scale, everyone loses.

The janitors of Greater Indianapolis are organizing to change their industry. SEIU’s Justice for Janitors Campaign has succeeded in working with janitors, cleaning contractors, building owners, and broader political, faith and business communities across the country to improve standards of living for janitors.

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