According to Indiana's NewsCenter, Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels congratulated Fort Wayne Community Schools officials, in Columbia City, for a "great move" by outsourcing custodians.

Governor Daniels said when it comes to cuts, everything is always on the table.

"We did everything else first, we've cut state government eight or nine times as much as the small cuts we made in education," said Indiana Republican Governor Mitch Daniels.

The second term Governor sees himself as more than just a politician, he likens himself to a business CEO who wants to separate his company from the pack.

"What they should be doing right now, is what families are doing, businesses are doing and state government is doing, look for ways to economize keep teachers in the classroom," said Daniels.

Daniels congratulated Fort Wayne Community Schools officials for trimming their budget by outsourcing custodians.

"Absolutely and why did they wait so long. Great move. Four million dollars as I believe I heard, yes which is 80 or 85 teachers from a very simple maneuver that state government did a long time ago, most businesses have done. It's exactly the sort of thing that other schools should be emulating," said Daniels.

But what would Daniels actually say to the outsourced FWCS janitors being offered 10 dollars an hour and higher insurance premiums by Sodexo.

"I would just say if you have a job at all, you ought to be somewhat grateful for that. There's simply no right to overcharge the taxpayer for a service that can be delivered at a less expensive price," said Daniels.

Daniels acknowledges his name has come up as a presidential candidate but said he is not thinking about running in 2012. His only thoughts are keeping taxes down and continuing Indiana position as the number one state for private sector job growth in the United States.