The International Window Cleaning Association (IWCA) is pleased to announce the development of a "Standard Practice for Cleaning Architectural Flat Glass" (WK29688) through ASTM International, an international organization that develops and publishes technical standards.
Paul West, IWCA Glass Chairman will chair the task group writing the new Standard.  It is anticipated the standard will be utilized by the window cleaning industry, related construction industries, glass manufacturers, architects and government agencies.
"With the vast amounts of glass used in buildings today and the evolution of  high performance glass coatings, it is our hope that this new standard will assist window cleaning professionals  identify the most effective method to clean, restore and preserve the integrity of architectural glass."  West stated.
In addition to cleaning different types of glass and glass coatings, the standard also will discuss removing various glass stains and the challenge of cleaning glass left unprotected during new construction.
The new Standard in development can be found on the ASTM website as Work Item # WK29688
For more information about the new standard, please contact IWCA Headquarters at 816.471.4922.