According to their Web site, ISSA and The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) have established a formal alliance to enhance the safety and health of workers throughout the cleaning industry. As part of this alliance, ISSA and OSHA will work together to communicate to the cleaning industry ways they can improve the safety and health of their employees and otherwise protect them from workplace hazards.

The ISSA/OSHA alliance focuses on hazard communication, and the reduction of slips, trips, and falls as well as bloodborne pathogens, personal protective equipment, and forklift safety.

ISSA members can help support the ISSA/OSHA alliance and gain recognition as an Association Partner in Safety and Health by participating in any of the following activities:

• Web content. ISSA will soon release a series of ISSA/OSHA alliance Web pages that individually focus on the above topics. ISSA isinterested in content from members that can be posted on these pages, such as sample written hazard communication programs, checklists for floor safety, bloodborne pathogen training outlines, etc.

• Success stories/case studies. Please share with us for publication any success stories or case studies highlighting new or novel methods that your company has used to successfully address workplace safety and health hazards.

• Editorial board. Members are encouraged to volunteer to act as editorial support for any one of the numerous OSHA topic pages on their web site ( Participants meet twice a year via conference call to review the content of the pages and to discuss ways to improve them.

• Industry safety and health fact sheets. These are abbreviated treatments of safety and health topics that may be in the form of checklists or "tip" sheets. Should your company make available such fact sheets, we encourage you to share them with the ISSA/OSHA alliance for the benefit of the industry as a whole (such resources would be made available to any company that requests them).

• Safety training modules. If your company has developed a training module or template, we encourage you to share that with ISSA in furtherance of the alliance with OSHA.

• Articles. ISSA is always on the look out for articles that deal with safety and health issues that are germane to the cleaning industry.(Get your work published!)

• Other. ISSA is open to any other information you might have that would help us meet the broad objectives of the ISSA/OSHA alliance.

Participant Recognition

Members who actively support the ISSA/OSHA alliance through any of the above activities will be publicly recognized by ISSA as an Association Partner in Safety and Health on the ISSA Web site, at the annual U.S. ISSA/INTERCLEAN® convention, in association periodicals, and other ways that reward participants for their active involvement and support.