The International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) offers a comprehensive overview of "Green Cleaning Product Procurement Policies, Initiatives, and Requirements in the United States." The document is in response to the increased demand and interest in green cleaning products and services over the years.

ISSA research found that there have been an increased number of policies and regulations requiring the procurement and use of environmentally preferable products and services. Although these policies will generally apply to the public sector, they are expected to impact the purchasing decisions of jan/san departments at both the local and national levels.

The ISSA guide will cover more than 20 state and local jurisdictions that have established green purchasing policies, as well as six federal programs and initiatives designed to promote green cleaning products and practices on a broad basis. For each entry, users will see a summary of the green cleaning product procurement policy and/or initiative as well as imbedded hyperlinks that will allow you to readily access the underlying documents that form the basis of the summary.

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