The Healthy Facilities Institute (HFI) and the International Executive Housekeepers Association (IEHA) have announced an educational partnership to develop and promote the role of cleaning professionals in creating healthy indoor environments.
As part of the partnership, HFI will promote Integrated Cleaning and Measurement (ICM) as well as other IEHA initiatives that make the connection between health, housekeeping and facility operations. IEHA and HFI will co-develop educational programs including webcasts, printed materials and live events.
"Our mission at IEHA has always been to facilitate cleaner, healthier indoor environments, and our Professional Education Credentialing Program (PECP) will continue to advance this important mission," said Beth Risinger, CEO and Executive Director of IEHA.  "We are pleased to be collaborating with The Healthy Facilities Institute (HFI) in the further development of programs such as ICM which aim to establish a measurable, marketable connection between housekeeping, science, and health."
"It is a pleasure to be working with the forward thinking leadership of IEHA on this important concept," said Allen Rathey, president of HFI. "Collaborating with the management and membership of IEHA makes us hopeful that together we can raise the consciousness and profile of cleaning professionals as providers of a unique kind of ‘preventative healthcare’ through cleaner, healthier facilities."