The International Executive Housekeepers Association (IEHA) has released data reflecting the rapid growth of their Web site, including online resources and member activity.
Results comparing data from the first half of 2009 to the first half of 2010 were provided by Silicon Mask Media + Design Inc., IEHA’s provider of web development, design, and interactive media services.
Comparison statistics demonstrate the following growth:
• Unique visits to have increased by 65%;
• Average page views have increased by 93%;
• The average time visitors spend on has increased by 13%;
• The number of visitors who leave the site without exploring it further has decreased by 25%.
According to Beth Risinger, IEHA’s CEO and Executive Director:  “IEHA’s online growth is very encouraging, overall, and we believe this is a product of several online initiatives including The Housekeeping Channel -- a consumer-oriented website with nearly a million unique visitors annually -- The Housekeeping Channel Professional, which promotes a variety of professional certification programs including IEHA’s; as well as our member networking feature known as ‘Unify.’  We’re especially pleased to see that roughly 15% of the growth in visits to has come from IEHA’s new Unify member community.”
IEHA Unify is a custom-tailored social community that allows IEHA members to interact with one another, find other IEHA members who share their interests or challenges, and request and provide assistance from one another.
“It’s clear that Unify has encouraged IEHA members to be more engaged online,” says Sarah Larsen, IEHA’s Deputy Director.  “Members are realizing the potential and great benefit of many minds working in concert to help improve the housekeeping and facility management industry, and we hope this will only continue to grow.”
Larsen adds: “In addition, IEHA’s migration of its Professional Education Credentialing Programs (PECP) to the website -- with full course materials, online testing, and growing online resources – reinforces IEHA’s position as a leader among organizations that are taking advantage of modern technologies to advance and improve the industry, and especially the careers of IEHA members.”