In conjunction with International Housekeepers Week (September 14-20, 2008), the International Executive Housekeepers Association (IEHA) has selected Hiroko Quinn, an employee of Top To Bottom (a building maintenance services company) in Lawton, OK, as the 2008 Unsung Facility Hero Award Winner. Charles Hall, the President of Top To Bottom, nominated Quinn for this award. “During her time as an employee at Top To Bottom, Quinn has shown excellent qualities in employee relations and teamwork. In addition, she is the type of employee that takes her job seriously and performs beyond the expected job description. She makes Top To Bottom a better company due to her actions and performance,” says Hall.
Hall’s nomination letter identifies a specific example where Quinn revealed her heroism and dedication to her job. “Last year, as Hiroko was performing her duties, she noticed a fire in the basement of the facility she was cleaning and had the foresight to notify the proper authorities of the hazardous condition. She was working in a paper mill with bales of paper, loose paper, and pulp everywhere, which could have resulted in a very dangerous situation and a great loss of resources, or even death of employees.”
Quinn was one of several candidates nominated for this year’s Unsung Hero Award contest. She will receive a year’s membership to IEHA, a certificate of appreciation, a $200 cash bonus, and have her story printed in Executive Housekeeping Today. IEHA would like to thank all those who nominated a pool of very qualified candidates for this award.