The International Executive Housekeepers Association’s (IEHA’s) Professional Education Credentialing Program (PECP) is now available online in unabridged form for IEHA members and non-members seeking to obtain their Certified Executive Housekeeper (CEH) or Registered Executive Housekeeper (REH) designation.

“This exhaustive compendium of professional housekeeping information, a virtual encyclopedia of management and technical expertise, is now available 24/7 for members and non-members from any Web browser,” says Beth Risinger, IEHA CEO and Executive Director.

“We believe the instant access this provides professionals seeking certification and advanced education will help them to succeed in a very competitive environment,” says Sarah Larsen, IEHA Deputy Director. “It’s all there, available by topic, and searchable, enabling professionals to complete some 330 hours of study at their own pace — or take refresher courses — whenever and wherever they have Internet access.”

The online Managing for Effect (MFE) Series included in the PECP consists of five modules (CEU hours in parentheses):
Module I: Management Philosophy & Style (30 Hours)
Module II: Communication (30 hours)
Module III: Planning & Organizing (30 Hours)
Module IV: Staffing & Staff Development (30 Hours)
Module V: Continuous Improvement (30 Hours)

The online Technical and Administration (TA) Series included in the PECP contains eleven (11) modules (CEU hours in parentheses):
Module 1 - Housekeeping (15 Hours)
Module 2 - Work Controls (15 Hours)
Module 3 - Pest Control (15 Hours)
Module 4 - Chemical Controls (15 Hours)
Module 5 - Waste Management (15 Hours)
Module 6 - Purchasing (15 Hours)
Module 7 - Accounting and Budgets (30 Hours)
Module 8 - Microbiology (15 Hours)
Module 9 - Safety and Security (15 Hours)
Module 10 - Interiors (15 Hours)
Module 11 - Laundry and Linen (15 Hours)

Review materials and module exams are also online where professionals can test their knowledge and prepare for the final proctored exam (offline).

“Our internal surveys have shown that IEHA education increases job skills, confidence, and earnings, while yielding a 100 to 1000 percent or greater return on investment for the majority of our members,” says Larsen. “By placing our curriculum and other tools online, we hope to enable professionals in the cleaning industry to reach their goals in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.”

The online version of the full PECP series, which includes both the Managing for Effect and the Technical Administrative series, is available for $700 for members and $900 for non-members (which includes a one-year membership to IEHA.) A full list of the IEHA member and non-member pricing structure can be found by visiting IEHA’s online store at

Integrated Cleaning and Measurement (ICM) Educational Modules
IEHA, with assistance from qualified persons, will draft two Integrated Cleaning and Measurement (ICM) Modules in August 2010 that will become part of IEHA’s Professional Education Credentialing Program (PECP) curriculum, as well as provide the raw material for the ICM Certification Framework Committee to do its work (the committee will offer input on the module drafts and IEHA will finalize the certification curriculum based on that input).

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