HydraMaster, announced a new extended warrantee program for all purchasers of the company’s clutch drive or CDS™ systems.

The new CDS XtraCare™ system doubles the company’s Golden Guarantee limited warrantee, which is viewed as one of the best coverage programs available.  

With XtraCare protection, an additional 12 months of coverage is added. This means users will have warrantee protection for a total of 24 months or 2,000 hours, whichever comes first. The XtraCare program costs $395.00 and applies to both the 4.6 and larger 4.8 CDS models.

According to Stephen Hanig, vice president of sales for HydraMaster, virtually all major components of the equipment are covered by the new warrantee program, including:

* The clutch drive system, drive shaft, electric clutch, bearings, “U” joints, and pulleys

* Vacuum systems including gears, casing, pulleys, bearings, mounts, and impellers

* Heat exchangers and water pump

* Miscellaneous items such as the wand valve body, jets, and trigger, vacuum recovery tank, water box, mounting brackets, and other items

“This is a very extensive warrantee package, especially when you consider it costs just a few cents per day,” says Hanig. “We just want our customers to know that when they purchase a HydraMaster CDS, they purchase from a company that stands behind its products 100 percent.”

The XtraCare extended warrantee program applies to new CDS systems at the time of purchase or within three months following installation.