According to a recent Service Employees International Union (SEIU) announcement, PBS will be featuring a special on the janitorail strike in Houston tonight. The formal announcement is listed below.

After months of contract negotiations, more than 1,700 Houston janitors are striking because when they spoke up for a better life, their employers responded by violating their rights. Many of these janitors clean the buildings that house Houston's multibillion-dollar real estate and oil industries. While these companies are making millions in profits, the janitors are paid an average of $5.30/hour for part-time work, with no health insurance.

There is no future on $20 a day. Since forming a union with SEIU last year, more than 5,300 Houston janitors have been seeking a raise to $8.50/hour, increased hours, and health insurance.

The janitors' struggle for a better future will be featured tonight on the PBS program, NOW.

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Tonight, Friday, Oct. 27

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