shares one trainers experience in working with housekeeping departments, specifically in the classroom environment. Lizz Chambers started her career in housekeeping, but now as a trainer, she was concerned with both the return on investment and how employees would react to the long courses.

Her nerves were calmed when she saw the positive reaction employees had to her training program, which covered guest interactions and everything from ADA to OSHA to security issues. To help motivate participants, Chambers offered the opportunity for laundry and public space associates to participate in Hospitality Skills Certification, paid for by the company, following the conclusion of the training session. This was such a motivating factor that she had little problem encouraging participants to return the following day for the second half of the seminar.

According to reports, Chambers now requests that housekeeping departments be included in all her facility training. Not only does this communicate that they are an important member of the overall team, but they can also benefit from the information.

Chambers has expanded her training to include workshop creations such as: Moments of Truth in Housekeeping, a Housekeeping Refresher Workshop, a housekeeping specific Safety and Security Workshop and WOW! (a customer service/teambuilding class which housekeeping attends with all other departments).

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