Hotels, according to the Los Angeles Times, have done away with polyester. Instead, workers are provided designer duds. "Adopting the belief that a stylish worker is a happy worker, hoteliers increasingly are turning to designers for fashion makeovers."

One hotel president put it perfectly when he said, "when you put someone in a 100 percent polyester, binding thing that is uncomfortable and shiny and does not allow the person to be themselves, it's hard to expect them to do their best work."

Even large manufacturers of mass-produced uniforms are getting on board by using more forgiving fabrics. Employees don't want something that looks, fits and feels like traditional uniforms. Instead, they want comfort and style.

According to the article, the new "uniforms" have been widely accepted by hotel workers and have even resulted in higher productivity. Some hotels have also commented that the change has resulted in a company-wide theme. With the old uniforms, every department looked different. Now there is a theme.

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