Hotel workers at The Courtyard by Marriott Burlington Harbor in Vermont have welcomed the use of green cleaning products in their daily tasks. According to Poughkeepsie Journal, one worker really noticed the difference between green cleaning products and those products she used at previous jobs. She commented that before green, she use to dilute the room spray or risk working with a tightening throat and choking.

According to Steve Ashkin, founder and CEO of The Ashkin Group, the green side of the market is growing rapidly, while the conventional cleaning side stays flat. But, green cleaning still only amounts to less than 10 percent of the market.

Green initiatives have been growing, but the hospitality industry has been among the lowest in adopting green cleaning.

As mentioned in the article, "in addition to making life more pleasant for room attendants, hotel officials view the green move as smart marketing. Soon, the 127-room hotel on the Lake Champlain waterfront will advertise its green cleaning in guest rooms."

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