More than 70 housekeepers from Hilton hotels across Europe and Africa met to celebrate their hard work and discuss best work practices, according to reports from The Financial Mirror. The president of Hilton Europe and Africa was on hand saying, "housekeeping is a fundamental driver for the hotel business and has an impact on repeat visitation. The department is also a prime contributor to better environmental practices through Hilton’s ‘we care’ program."

Studies done in Europe and Africa found that 91 percent of guests were satisfied with the cleanliness of the hotel rooms and would repeat their visit. The housekeepers were recognized as drivers of the business and the unsung heroes of Hilton hotels.

According to the article, Hilton hotels in Europe and Africa launched the "We Care" program in March of 2006 where each employee is responsible for finding measures to save non-renewable resources while contributing to hotel profit. "The housekeeping green teams have been vital champions of the program and have implemented wonderful initiatives from strict garbage separation to simple practices like reducing unnecessary toilet flushing during the room cleaning process to save the earth's precious resources."

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