People at the Holiday Inn Express in Dayton, Tenn. take their commitment towards the environment very seriously. It began with one individual, Guest Service Representative Edward Crowe, and snowballed to his fellow employees. Crowe noticed that the hotel was throwing away roughly a thousand sheets of paper a day and decided to set up a recycling program that now adds up to about 65 pounds of paper and newsprint recycled a day - in addition to the mass amounts of plastic and aluminum collected. (The article stresses that all confidential guest information is shredded before being recycled, for security reasons.)

Once his coworkers joined the mission, interest spread throughout the facility. According to The Herald-News reports, 10 members of the housekeeping staff also sorts the trash coming from the rooms into the various recyclables. Even some guests have joined the recycling ranks by sorting recyclable trash for housekeeping, or go so far to bring recyclables to the front desk for proper disposal.

To date, recycling is not company policy, but management is considering instating it. They are considering posting signs and purchasing door hangers that would remind staff and guests alike to recycle.

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