In an article posted on, some of the nation's best housekeepers in the hospitality industry share their cleaning secrets. Although some methods may seem unconventional, these executive housekeepers have seen great success. Some recommendations include:

• Removing stubborn heal marks from floors by using an ordinary pencil eraser or tennis ball on a stick
• Apply a fresh scent to carpets by adding a cotton ball soaked in essential oil to the blower compartment of a vacuum
• Remove red wine stains from carpets by dabbing with white wine
• Apply shaving cream to blood stains on throw pillows, rugs or upholstery
• Get rid of stray hair, dust and lint from furniture, tile floors and under beds with a lint-roller with a long handle
• Use a wet cloth and iron on low heat to remove melted candle wax from carpets or fabric
• Use hot water, instead of window cleaner, to remove hair spray from mirrors
• Apply cold water to fabric or upholstery stains and blot with clean cloth before adding chemicals

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