Administrative workers at Dorchester's, Europe, hospitals are being asked to clean their own offices, according to the Daily Echo. The outcome is a result of a change in the housekeeping department. Cleaners will no longer clean offices, but will instead concentrate on medical areas of the hospital.

The staff of the hospital was notified of the change through a memo sent by the housekeeping and portering manager. It outlined that housekeeping workers will work between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., seven days a week and would focus their attention on theatres, pathology labs, outpatient areas, children's centers, physiotherapy department, education center and the pre-assessment unit.

The memo goes on to say that in order to provide the out-of-hours cleaning services, the cleaning of offices and the daily trash removal will have to be the responsibility of the office workers. "If you are unsure where to locate the vacuum cleaner or cleaning materials, please contact the housekeeping supervisor."

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