According to Education Week, Politics K-12, the House Education and Labor Committee is considering higher education loan bill that will include more than $4 billion over the next two fiscal years for a green-schools initiative. Reportidly, this is something Rep. George Miller, D-Calif., has been trying to get through Congress via a variety of legislative vehicles.

The program would be paid for through the $87 billion in projected savings available under the higher education loan bill, according to a CBO estimate.

Under the measure, the school facilities grants would go out under the Title I, Part A formula. But every Title I district would get a grant of at least $5,000. The majority of the funds would need to be used for projects that meet green building standards.

Rep. Mike Castle of Delaware, a moderate Republican, brought up one of his major concerns on the school construction piece: Congress is spending money on a brand-new program while it still hasn't provided enough funding for special education.

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